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When Death Occurs

Someone close to you has died. If you are responsible for the personal affairs and final arrangements of the deceased, the experience can be overwhelming. To help you gather all the necessary information you will need, prior to meeting with your director, here is a guide to follow:

When someone dies in hospital, hospice or a nursing home: As soon as possible contact us directly or ask the nursing staff to do this on your behalf. Later, notify family members and close friends.

When someone dies at home or unexpectedly: It is customary to call the police at 911. The Coroner may become involved, as well. As soon as possible contact us. Later, notify family members, close friends, employer, school, college and/or other institution.

Gather Data for the Funeral Arrangement Conference:
You will usually require the following information for the completion of a death certificate and for various other legal matters such as: life insurance policies, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, drivers license, real estate transactions, pensions, health insurance, retirement plans, Federal / Provincial income taxes, Probate Court and Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. During the arrangement conference with your director it will be helpful for you to have these details about the deceased:

Other information to bring with you when making arrangements with the funeral director: 



A full complement of clothing is required, including under garments and outer garments of your choice. Shoes are not needed. For women an outfit with a closed neckline and long sleeves is desirable. For men, a suit, sport coat or customary outerwear is appropriate.

Other Personal Items

Jewellery, eye glasses and religious items (if any) should be brought to the arrangement conference, or prior to the service. On the day of the service it is customary to confirm which items you wish to be left in the casket and which are to be returned to you.


It is customary for any personal items such as Jewellery, pictures and other memorabilia to be removed prior to the cremation, as they will be destroyed during the cremation process. Instead, these items may be placed in the selected urn or be returned to you.

Arrangement Appointment Time

Please call us to schedule a time, convenient to you, to make the final arrangements. Although most arrangements are conducted during normal business hours, we are available by appointment on weekends.

Week 1:

Weeks 1-4:

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